Project Location:
Fort Valley, Georgia

Project Contact Information:
Matt Robbie
E² Inc.
Tel: 434-975-6700 x 227

Woolfolk Restoration Alliance Participant Responsibilities

Members of the Woolfolk Restoration Alliance are asked to be willing and available to:

  • Participate in three upcoming Alliance meetings and one or two community meetings. These meetings will be held approximately bi-monthly during the process and will be facilitated by the project’s consultant team;
  • Represent the interests of the City as a whole rather than any single specific interest; and
  • Entertain a wide range of potential uses for the site.

Federal and state agency representatives that participate in Alliance meetings will serve as “resource members” that can provide expertise but do not have any stake in the project’s outcome and will not be involved in the project’s decision-making.


Participant Roles

  • Listening to the local community throughout the process and incorporating their perspectives into the Alliance’s discussions
  • Learning – about fellow Alliance members’ interests, the site’s characteristics, and future land use opportunities and challenges
  • Identifying and evaluating future land use options for the Woolfolk Chemical Corporation site and providing City of Fort Valley, EPA, and EPD with future land use recommendation(s)
  • Serving as local ambassadors and information resources for the community


Project Ground Rules

  • Project discussions should be an open, friendly process where different opinions are welcome and respected.
  • Clear, understandable language should be used in project discussions. Any time that an acronym is used, it should be explained.
  • The project should be an interactive process that reaches into the community to provide information and to receive input


Project Decision Making

  • Project designed as a consensus decision-making process.
  • If full Alliance project agreement is not possible, an accurate description of group preferences, along with the pros and cons of various options and areas of agreement and disagreement, will be reported to the City, EPA, and Georgia EPD.