Project Location:
Herculaneum, Missouri

Project Contact Information:
Matt Robbie
E² Inc.
Tel: 434-975-6700 x 227

Project Overview:

The primary purpose of this project is to help identify viable and realistic future land uses for the Herculaneum Voluntary Property Purchase Plan Area (VPPPA). The VPPPA includes land next to the Herculaneum Lead Smelter, located between Main Street, Joachim Creek, and Joachim Avenue. Since 2001, the EPA and Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) have been working to address lead contamination issues in Herculaneum. While the two regulatory agencies’ primary responsibilities are to protect human health and environment, EPA and MoDNR are in the process of developing regulatory plans that will need to consider future land uses in the VPPPA. The community-based planning process will provide EPA and MoDNR with the community’s preferences and priorities for future land uses in the VPPPA.

The project also offers an opportunity for the City of Herculaneum to come together to discuss community stewardship priorities and the area’s potential future uses, and to develop a report that can inform the City’s future strategic planning goals and land use priorities. At the end of the process, Herculaneum’s Board of Aldermen will be asked to endorse the project’s findings.

Herculaneum Land Use Committee

The process has been managed by the Herculaneum VPPPA Land Use Committee, a 17-member community-based body that has met regularly during 2006. The Committee is also hosting a public meeting to share its draft findings with the broader community for feedback before finalizing its future land use recommendations for the VPPPA.

At the end of the process, the Committee will provide the City of Herculaneum, EPA, MoDNR, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, the Agency of Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, and the Doe Run Company with its final future land use recommendations for the Herculaneum VPPPA.

Upcoming Meetings and Events

The Herculaneum VPPPA Land Use Committee has wrapped up this phase of the project. Please check this website periodically in the future for potential project updates.

Until then, should you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact:

Matt Robbie
E2 Inc. 
Tel: 434-975-6700 x 227


Kerry Herndon, EPA Region 7 
Tel: 913-551-7286