Project Location:
Herculaneum, Missouri

Project Contact Information:
Matt Robbie
E² Inc.
Tel: 434-975-6700 x 227

Roles, Ground Rules, and Decision Making

Committee Roles

  • Listening to the local community throughout the process and incorporating their perspectives into the Committee’s discussions
  • Learning – about fellow Committee members’ interests, the VPPPA’s characteristics, and future land use opportunities and challenges within the VPPPA
  • Identifying and evaluating future land use options for the VPPPA and providing City of Herculaneum, EPA, and MoDNR with future land use recommendation(s)
  • Serving as local ambassadors and information resources for the community

Project Ground Rules

  • Committee discussions should be an open, friendly process where different opinions are welcome and respected.
  • Clear, understandable language should be used in Committee discussions. Any time that an acronym is used, it should be explained.
  • The project should be an interactive process that reaches into the community to provide information and to receive input

Project Decision Making

  • Project designed as a consensus decision-making process.
  • If full Committee agreement is not possible, an accurate description of group preferences, along with the pros and cons of various options and areas of agreement and disagreement, will be reported to the City, EPA, and MoDNR.